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Tika Talu

“Tika” guest ranch  – "Nothing compares to summer holidays in Saaremaa!" - the lyrics of a well-known Estonian song cannot raise any serious questions no more and make people wish to come to Saaremaa to see if it is really true. The fact that the sun, the air and the water at Saaremaa are much better than elsewhere is already well known!

You can sunbathe surrounded by juniper trees at the shore in a quiet and peaceful place, go swimming, spend a full day on the sea in a boat, go fishing or horse riding. Our horses are well behaved, our boats do not leak and the fishing lines never get tangled. What else could your heart desire?
You can spend an evening round a campfire, listening to the murmur of the sea as the locals have done for many hundreds of years – which is exactly how old this ranch is, however the current rafters were installed in the main building in 1991.

Actually it all began with horses...and with that beautiful place that is so far from the main roads, and with the people who instantly fell in love with this place and who are still in love with it...

We first started keeping horses in 1997 when we purchased our first animals, which were mainly Estonian breeds. We have remained true to this choice for many reasons: they are unpretentious, friendly and they have great staying power – in short they are perfect horses for children and tourist activities. Many of Tika's horses participate in races too.

A huge number of tourists visit Saaremaa all year round, but particularly during the summer. As people also started to ask about accommodation in our farmhouse, we began to offer this service. Since 2000, “Tika” guest ranch has been a licensed bed and breakfast.

We have been dealing with horse tourism since 1998, as people kept asking about horse riding training courses and tours. You can ride at our training facilities and in the woodlands. During the summer we organize 5-day children's camps which have become very popular and children from all over Estonia have participated.