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Horse riding camps for children

Tika's Horse Riding Club has been running children’s horse riding camps since 2001.

The children are provided with accommodation at the “Tika” guest ranch in the stable facilities. Three meals per day (breakfast, lunch are dinner) are provided.

The horse riding training consists of riding sessions 2 times per day at the horse riding field. On one day there will be a longer horse riding trip in the woodlands and a horse riding competition later on in the evening. On rainy days the training sessions are conducted in the indoor facilities. On the last day a competition will be organized and parents are invited to come and watch.

Former riding experience is not required; everyone who wishes to try is welcome. The children will learn about horses and how to take care about them, get acquainted with the gear of a horse, participate in stable jobs, acquire the skills of how to lead a horse and basic knowledge about horse riding. Training sessions will be in accordance with skill level (including jumping).

Clothing suitable for horseracing must be worn (a helmet is compulsory and will be provided by us). Wellington boots and a raincoat are required for rainy days. On sunny days there is the possibility of being able to go swimming, so it is also advisable to take swimwear.
NB! Valid life insurance is compulsory.

Horse riding camps for children at “Tika” Guest Ranch in summer 2021:
Time: summer 2021

I -period: 14.06.-18.06.
II-period: 28.06.-02.07.
III-period: 05.07.-09.07.
IV-period: 12.07.-16.07.
V -period: 19.07.-23.07.
VI-period: 02.08.-06.08.
VII-period: 09.08-13.08.
VIII-period: 16.08-20.08.

Duration: 5 days, begins on Monday (arrival on Sundays at 6 p.m.) – ends on Friday (at 3 p.m.).
The competition starts at approximately 11 a.m.

Participation fee: €270.00 NB Booking before 01.04.2021 special price 250.- €
(Only with a preliminary booking by e-mail which must include a parent's name and phone number). 

Phone number GSM: (+372) 504 4169
Phone number GSM: (+372) 56703055